Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Every Sikh has a story to tell. This blog is a collection of thoughts and reflections as I journey on this path with my Guru.
This is my Sikh experience.
It is a collection of essays, poems, videos, podcasts, and random thoughts about all aspects of my life – faith, politics, family, fatherhood, and everything in between – as all of this is shaped by the relationship I’m striving to build with the Guru.

I encourage readers to comment, discuss, debate, and submit your own posts, in hopes for idea-sharing and collective learning.

“Spirit Of The Sikh” seemed like an appropriate title for this blog, as Prof. Puran Singh’s book of the same title was and is a huge inspiration to me. Periodically, I will re-visit this book and share a few lines. Here’s one to start…

“Sometimes I feel happy in the dust of a poor man’s cottage; at other’s I feel cursed by rich raiment. Dainty dishes have tasted to me bitter; but a dry crust and water tasted like amrita when offered in love.” (Spirit Of The Sikh, Puran Singh)

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