While living in Chicago, I was a loyal listener to Chicago Public Radio’s “This American Life.” No matter how many different types of media are out there, I still find the radio documentary to be a powerful medium. After leaving Chicago, I made a point to subscribe to their weekly podcast. A few weeks ago, I heard this fascinating story about Reverend Carlton Pearson, a renowned evangelical pastor in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This story talks about his rise in the evangelical arena, and his eventual fall because of his doubts in the belief of hell. He wondered if a loving God would really condemn most of the human race to burn and writhe in the fire of Hell for eternity. He started preaching the theology of “inclusion-ism” which believed God was all-loving, regardless of what path he or she chose. He was ultimately declared a heretic by the church. Take a listen…I’d be curious to hear what others think

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One response to “Heretics

  • Sevak

    Listened to the entire program, it reminds me of the following Shabad:”Jo tho prem khelan ka chaosir dhar tali gali meri aaoeith maarag pair dhareejaisir deejai kaan n keejai” (Panna 1412)

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