Every Breath

For my first post of 2011, I’m reminded of a little over a month ago when we gathered with a group of families to ring in the New Year with Shabad Kirtan.  After we offered an Ardaas, we all quietly sat to listen to the Guru’s hukam.  For a brief moment I wondered how was Guru Sahib going to start off our year?  What guidance would he offer us?  Then the 4th Nanak revealed his experience…

soohee mehalaa 4
har pehilarree laav paravirathee karam dhrirraaeiaa bal raam jeeo
baanee brehamaa vaedh dharam dhrirrahu paap thajaaeiaa bal raam jeeo
dharam dhrirrahu har naam dhiaavahu simrith naam dhrirraaeiaa
sathigur gur pooraa aaraadhahu sabh kilavikh paap gavaaeiaa
sehaj anandh hoaa vaddabhaagee man har har meethaa laaeiaa
jan kehai naanak laav pehilee aaranbh kaaj rachaaeiaa

Now I’ve heard enough vaiyakhia’s during Anand Karaj’s to know that the laavan does not speak to the marriage between man and woman, but instead speaks to the relationship between the Sikh and his/her Guru. But I must admit, with all the hoopla that surrounds a marriage, I’ve always found it tough to really focus on the laavan in that environment. But in this moment of calm, surrounded by my sangat, I was able to reflect. In my loosest of intepretations, Guru Sahib tells me:

 In this first step of the journey, let your actions be inspired by the Divine
and daily duties be guided by Him
Embrace baani (the word), follow his path, and all negativity will fade away
Through his guidance, reflect on His name, always be absorbed in His light
Offer yourself to the perfect, true Guru and all negativity will be dispelled
By great fortune, peace and stability is attained…His name is so sweet
Servant Nanak says this is the first round, the journey has begun

On New Year’s Day, where the rest of the world is celebrating the Earth’s circumambulation around the Sun, we instead are reminded of our circumambulation around the Guru. If we keep Him as the center of our life, the core of our journey, everything else in our lives will revolve around Him peacefully

So as I set my resolutions and plan out my goals for the year, I am reminded to lace all my actions with his qualities – forgiveness, compassion, humility…

And may I stay absorbed with his baani and always in simran, so that I feel his presence – not once a year, not even once a day…but with every breath.

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