It Must Be Basant

It must be Basant

I know…a Shabad reminded me so
And thank God for that, or else I never would have known

When I look outside, there’s no Basant. It doesn’t feel like Spring
It is cold…frigid even. There is no blossoming, no blooming, no rejuvenation, no growth
When I look inside, deep within my soul, there is no Basant either
It is cold…frigid even. There is no blossoming, no blooming, no rejuvenation, no growth

But I fear not

For my Guru shakes me out of my malaise, and says to me “Bholiya!” (Ignorant One)
Haumai Surat Visaar” (Let go of your egotistical intellect)

He tells me to check my ego, reflect on His name, and absorb the virtues of the divine

Then…a warmth comes over me

And for a split second, I find myself lying under a tree.
A tree made up of my deeds,
With branches made of Simran
Upon this tree grows fruits of knowledge and flowers of discipline
Leaves are made of awareness
And my egoless mind shades me from the sun
A beautiful Spring day, a warm breeze touches my face, a silence so deep…all I hear is the vibration of His name

And in a moment…it all disappears

When I am filled with hurt and sadness, all I can offer the world is hurt and sadness
When I am filled with Basant, all I can offer the world is love

SatGuru, grant me this wish –

Please let my Basant last forever…
Inspired by Guru Nanak Sahib’s experience:

Among the months, blessed is this month, when spring always comes.
Blossom forth, O my consciousness, contemplating the Lord of the Universe, forever and ever.
O ignorant one, forget your egotistical intellect.
Subdue your ego, and contemplate Him in your mind; gather in the virtues of the Sublime, Virtuous Lord. Pause.
Karma is the tree, the Lord’s Name the branches, Dharmic faith the flowers, and spiritual wisdom the fruit.
Realization of the Lord are the leaves, and eradication of the pride of the mind is the shade.
Whoever sees the Lord’s Creative Power with his eyes, and hears the Guru’s Bani with his ears, and utters the True Name with his mouth, attains the perfect wealth of honor, and intuitively focuses his meditation on the Lord. 
The months and the seasons come; see, and do your deeds.
O Nanak, those Gurmukhs who remain merged in the Lord do not wither away; they remain green forever.
Please take a moment to reflect on Guru’s Sahib’s experience in Raag Basant.  Keertan seva by Bhai Avtar Singh  

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